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  • Journal Article
Francis L, Loxton D, James C, 2017, The culture of pretence : a hidden barrier to recognising, disclosing and ending domestic violence, Journal of Clinical Nursing, vol 26, no 15-16, pp 2202-2214 [REDI ID: 245854] View in Research Direct
  • Journal Article
Stone T, Francis L, Van Der Riet P, Dedkhard S, Junlapeeya P, Orwat E, 2014, Awakening to the other : reflections on developing intercultural competence through an undergraduate study tour, Nursing and Health Sciences, vol 16, no 4, pp 521-527 [REDI ID: 245994] View in Research Direct
  • Journal Article
Van Der Riet P, Francis L, Levett-Jones T, 2011, Complementary therapies in healthcare : design, implementation and evaluation of an elective course for undergraduate students, Nurse Education in Practice, vol 11, no 2, pp 146-152 [REDI ID: 245996] View in Research Direct
  • Journal Article
Stone T, Francis L, 2010, What's the bloody law on this? : nurses, swearing, and the law in New South Wales, Australia, Contemporary Nurse, vol 34, no 2, pp 248-257 [REDI ID: 246067] View in Research Direct

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