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Welcome to the Western Sydney University Researcher Portal.

This Portal provides access to information about Western U researchers including: publication history, research projects, ethics protocols and details of research activity. While most data is publicly available for anonymous users, some performance data is only available to Western U staff when internally connected to the university network.

The Portal was generated using Western Sydney University data sources and is maintained by the Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation).

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Western Sydney University has finalised agreements for the following 7 research projects in the last 3 weeks as at 21 May 2018
Organisational unit Researchers Title Funded by Total awarded
(ex GST)
Centre for Infrastructure Engineering Hamid Ronagh, Nariman Saeed Rainsmart modules testing (phase 3) Rainsmart Solutions Pty Ltd $8,000
Centre for Research in Mathematics Andrew Francis, Jeremy Sumner, Peter Jarvis, David Bryant An efficient approach to the computation of bacterial evolutionary distance (via UTAS) Australian Research Council (ACRG) $7,600
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment Paul Rymer, Katie Rolls Adaptive capacity of widespread and threatened Acacia species to climate change STEP Inc. Community-based Environmental Conservation $2,500
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment Victoria Austin Joyce W. Vickery Fund Grant The Linnean Society of New South Wales $2,330
Institute for Culture and Society Deborah Stevenson, Justin O'Connor, Christiaan De Beukelaer, Yudhishthir Raj Isar, Constance DeVereaux, Jun Wang, Avril Joffe UNESCO and the Making of Global Cultural Policy Australian Research Council (ACRG) $435,599
Molecular Medicine Research Group Tim Karl Targeting the synaptic actin cytoskeleton in Alzheimer's Disease National Health and Medical Research Council (ACRG) $45,000
The MARCS Institute Andre van Schaik, Tara Hamilton, Shihab Shamma Auditory Perception in Neural Electronics Australian Research Council (ACRG) $402,984