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This Portal provides access to information about Western U researchers including: publication history, research projects, ethics protocols and details of research activity. While most data is publicly available for anonymous users, some performance data is only available to Western U staff when internally connected to the university network.

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Western Sydney University has finalised agreements for the following 17 research projects in the last 3 weeks as at 22 Jul 2019
Organisational unit Researchers Title Funded by Total awarded
(ex GST)
Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture David Cole TESOL: Professional Development for Secondary Schools Catholic Education Office - Diocese of Wollongong $9,800
Centre for Infrastructure Engineering Nariman Saeed Airáriserácompressionátests MainBrace Constructions $7,000
Centre for Infrastructure Engineering Maria Rashidi, Hassan Malekzehtab Digitisation and Conservation of Prince Alfred Bridge through Utilisation of RPAs GUNDAGAI HISTORIC BRIDGES INC $37,530
Centre for Infrastructure Engineering Won Hee Kang EvaluationáofácapacityáfactorsáforáAPIá5Lácolumnsáandá minimum numberáofátensileátestsáfromálimitedátestádata Heavy Engineering Research Association $15,000
School of Business Dorothea Bowyer, Ayda Succarie, Neil Perry, Connie Vitale, Donald McNeill Infrastructureáassetámanagementáandáreportingáiná preparationáforáregionalágrowth Camden Council $14,716
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics Haiping Zhu, Qinghua Zeng, Kejun Dong, Menghua Xu Multiscale investigation of the dynamical behaviour of particle flow in rotating drums [ARC IH140100035 subproject] [via Monash] Australian Research Council (ACRG), Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, University of Western Sydney, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute $270,000
School of Education Jose Hanham Educational Neuroscience Ambarvale High School $1,085
School of Education Christine Woodrow, Kerry Staples Cumberland Council Children┐s Services Staff Professional Learning & Leadership Program Cumberland Council $9,625
School of Education Danielle Tracey, Kerry Staples Professional Learning Workshop Series: Children with Additional Needs Cumberland Council $4,375
School of Education Danielle Tracey Consultancy to Association of Independent Schools re: action research development Association of Independent Schools $848
School of Education Susanne Gannon Developing a strategic evidence-based approach to improve writing in secondary years Georges River Grammar School $3,727
School of Education Catherine Attard Mathematical Pedagogy Professional Development Knox Grammar School $1,890
School of Education Catherine Attard Primary Mathematics: Engaging Teachers and Engaging Students Mathematics Association of Victoria $2,540
School of Education Maree Skillen Stage 4 Differentiation in Mathematics Professional Learning Kincoppal rose-Bay School of the Sacred Heart $3,336
School of Education Criss Jones Diaz Bilingualism and Language Learning Department of Education (NSW) $360
School of Education Christine Woodrow Collaboration for Learning - Professional Development Program United Way Australia $9,500
School of Science and Health Ryan Storr, Jessica Richards LGBT inclusion in Australian Tennis Tennis Australia Ltd $13,640